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The electric car is upon us and already changing the way many Americans have traditionally commuted 

The entire world is uniting and diligently innovating technology to preserve our world's resources and leading car manufactures have been paying attention and have responded by rolling out at least one version in their annual collections as a great new substitute. These automobile manufactures are forward thinking, innovative and decision makers recognize the need and desire for a cleaner way to travel. 

The Department of Energy has set some very aggressive goals as far as the number of electric vehicles they would like to see on American roads in the coming years, offering hefty rebates towards the purchase of an electric vehicle and  additional incentives toward the purchase of electrical vehicle charging equipment. It's a fact that more than 1 million plug-in electric vehicles have now been sold worldwide. More and more electric cars are hitting the road everyday. Almost all major car manufactures including Ford, Chevrolet, Nissan, BMW as well as some new manufactures, like Tesla, have appeared on the automotive scene with their own version of the electric car. These new models are sporty, sleek, fully loaded sports cars offering amazing range and blazing speeds. In order to facilitate the growth of these vehicles, a charging infrastructure must be built and that is where Palm River Electric, Inc. comes in.  

Clientele for this type of installation and service Includes;

  • City, county, state and/or federal government entities
  • Corporate Executives in charge of keeping facilities up to date - Architects, General Contractors and Developers
  • Property Managers updating existing properties to offer state of the art amenities 
  • Businesses with electric vehicle fleets
  • Individuals who have recently adopted this cutting edge, environmentally friendly and money saving travel substitution.

Palm River Electric, Inc. will perform a site survey of any home or facility, provide a solid estimate, engineer and install a system using the latest technology in electric vehicle chargers for any and all needs. 

Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

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