For the ultimate experience of convenience, homeowners and businesses throughout SW Florida enjoy permanently installed emergency generators with automatic transfer switches wired into their homes and offices. In the event of power loss, your generator is automatically started and power begins to flow to your critical loads such as your refrigerator, air conditioning, televisions, computers, lighting, etc. This type of generator is typically fueled by natural gas or liquid propane. If you do not already have these fuel services at you home, Palm River Electric, Inc. can install the necessary fuel tank and fuel lines to provide complete turnkey installation. If the generator is big enough for diesel fuel, we can help out with that too. No matter what your needs may be for emergency standby power, Palm River Electric, Inc. can provide the solution and make it a reality.

Commercial, Industrial & Institutional Stand By Generators

These services include engineering of the system, all required drawings and documents, all necessary permits and inspections, solutions for fuel requirements and any other considerations for a complete installation.

Call us for a free consultation and estimate, we have many years of experience installing this type of equipment. Don't waste your time with amatures when you are considering this important investment. Let Palm River Electric, Inc. get the job done, start to finish, at the right price and in a timely manner.

Palm River Electric, Inc. offers portable generator installation for homeowners in the event power is lost due to severe weather and/or outages. We can aquire and install all makes and models. Annd if you already own a generator, we can install an economical Manual Power Transfer Switch​ to safely make the transition to temporary power when needed. We can also provide and install an Emergency Power Circuit Breaker Panel and transfer only those circuits you wish to energize during a loss of power. Including a temporary power source into your home's emergency plan will add a higher level of safety while making a stressful situation a little less stressful.

Permanently Installed Generators

For Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Emergency Standby Power​

Licensed and Insured - License #EC0001832

Portable Generators

Emergency Generators are a must in SW Florida in achieving the ultimate convenience for any homeowner and/or business. Palm River Electric, Inc. can provide and install a variety of generators, from small Portable Generators with Automatic Transfer Switches to Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Stand By Emergency Generators.  

Palm River Electric, Inc. specializes in keeping your business and building powered no matter what.

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